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I was interviewed by Philly.com about the Bucks County Quilt Show. The following is an excerpt from the interview. One day, the museum in that North Jersey city opened a quilt exhibition, and “I just went crazy.” She asked the curator how quilters sewed hundreds of tiny triangles and squares together and somehow made it […]

You know that old saying: the right tool for the right job. I really believe that’s true. I bought these wonderful scissors, Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors, at the Round Bobbin last month. Ooooh, they are perfect, very sharp, lightweight, and a good fit for the hand. I’ve been using them to cut 1 and […]

Lately I’ve heard some grumbling from friends, guild members, clients, and myself. We’re all complaining about those dull, outdated fabrics in our fabric stash. Ugh. But America’s cotton crop was ruined by bad weather the past couple of seasons, so prices have risen, and new fabric is pricy. Your stash is a goldmine! And the […]

These are more of the quiltie things that I love. Websites You know those companies who supply us with our yummy quilting fabric? Well, they have some terrific websites, and many of those websites have lots of free quilt patterns. Some of my faves are Robert Kaufman http://www.robertkaufman.com/quilting/quilts_patterns/free/ Moda Fabrics http://blog.modafabrics.com/funfree/free-patterns/ Marcus Fabrics http://www.marcusfabrics.com/cgi-bin/fabricgallery/projects.cgi?filter=1#.U9FtWLGvjKd Misty […]

The June 2009 issue of Quilt Magazine featured a quilt that I quilted. It was a hoot having my clients and friends call me and say, ”Hey! Did you know your name is in this magazine?” It was also really fun to quilt hundreds of bright leaves all over the quilt! “It’s a Rosy Day” […]

A quilt is made with loving care. It is both beautiful AND functional. Quilts are made to be used– as bed coverings, sofa throws, wall hangings, table runners, comfort quilts for kids. A quilt can hold up under gentle use, but it needs to be handled with care. Many quilts have been ruined by laundering, […]

Does anyone ever ask you, “What would you like for your birthday?” Are you stuck for an answer? Or does a reply come immediately to your lips?  I know that if I didn’t already have them, these are a few of the quiltie things that I would wish for. Digital Camera  $60 and Up It’s a wonderful thing […]