sandy n me

“I received Ben’s and Boyd’s baby quilts today. They are beautifully done…. I love the lettering with their names quilted right in the quilting design.  I wondered how you were going to do that.  I just love it!!!

Thanks for your special expertise.  I had no idea this could be done within a quilting design.  You’re a pro! Thanks from the bottom of my lil old heart! God Bless You!”


“The quilt arrived about 10 minutes ago and I spread it out on my bed, and I absolutely LOVE IT!   It’s GORGEOUS, and you did an incredible job on it.  What a difference the almost finished quilt makes besides a top, bottom and batting.  Thanks so much.   I’m very happy with the quilt.”


“Donna! The UPS man just arrived with a box for me. When I opened it, I actually got chills when I saw how beautiful your quilting made this Twist quilt look! I may have a real hard time giving this one away. Those leaves are just absolutely PERFECT for it! I am in total awe! Oh, thank you soooooo much for doing such a beautiful job for me!”


“Thank you so much!  My heart is so full to see another finished quilt has made its way home from you to me. Thank you for helping to complete my dream.”


“Donna, thank you for the great job you did on my quilt. Your quilting is artwork.  I appreciate all the fine details. I’ve shown it off to my parents and husband, and they are so impressed with your work.  I know my sisters and nieces will go nuts for it.  Right now it is laid across our bed ……I keep walking by the bedroom door and looking at it!!

Your enthusiam has really been an inspiration to me.  I appreciate all the tips and ideas you have given me.  As soon as I’m near completion of the current quilt I’m working on, I’ll give you a call.”


“My three sisters were tickled and thrilled by their quilts.  Thank you so much for your beautiful quilting on this trio of quilts. My sisters examined the different quilting and pronounced them all so appropriate and magnificent.

I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to have done this project with you. I feel like your quilting is an integral essential part of my quilts now. I am honored to be working with you.”