Quiltie Goodies

Does anyone ever ask you, “What would you like for your birthday?” Are you stuck for an answer? Or does a reply come immediately to your lips?  I know that if I didn’t already have them, these are a few of the quiltie things that I would wish for.

Digital Camera  $60 and Up
It’s a wonderful thing to be able to keep your photographs organized without having them completely take over your house. It’s fun to share your quilt photos with friends in cyberspace. A digital camera is an excellent gift!

Clover Desktop Needlethreader  $15
This needle threader is the best needle threader I have ever used.  You place the needle, eye down, in the marked location, push on the lever, release and remove your threaded needle.  It is simply amazing.  I love this little threader. 

Clover Domed Needle Case  $10
A novel needle case that stores 10 threaded needles with their threads wound neatly in a reel. A clear plastic dome snaps on and covers the threaded needles. Good if you are sewing around children or on the move. Terrific to take in a car or on a plane.

Perfect Circles  $13
Karen Kay Buckley owned the first quilt shop where I shopped. I think that was about 1979. She has sold the shop and moved away, and I have no current affiliation with her. She continues her amazing quilting journey. She came up with this fantastic idea for circle templates. Each package contains 15 different circle sizes, 4 of each size, ranging from 7/16″ to 2″ for a total of 60 circles.  Now they come in bigger sizes too, up to 4″. By following the directions, you can make perfect circles for your hand and machine applique.  Really, you can do it! Even I can do it!

John James Gold’n Glide Needles $2.75
These size 10 or 11 needles are wonderful for hand appliqué.  They do just what the title says: they glide right through your fabric, and that can make appliqué easier on your hands!

Serrated Edge Scissors  $18- $25
Serrated edge scissors have one smooth blade and one serrated blade.  What makes these scissors unique is the way they cut the fabric.  As you cut the fabric, the serrated blade grips it.  That makes cutting more accurate and easy. These are really good for arthritic hands. Gingher has a sweet little 3 1/2″ serrated embroidery scissors, and Clover makes a terrific pair of 7″ serrated scissors.

Quilt Storage Straps  $30
Use these quilt-storage straps to keep your quilts safe and clean when not in use. Store your quilts rolled up to avoid permanent fold lines and broken threads.  The straps, made of water and tear-resistant, archival Tyvek®, are designed to hang over any horizontal pole — in a closet, on a free-standing laundry rack — wherever you decide. The width they hang apart is determined by the size of your quilts. The straps will hold a minimum of five quilts. There are 2 straps in each set.  It’s a quilt hammock!

Aromatic Goodies  $8 and Up
I love the smell of clean cotton in the morning– and in the afternoon– and in the evening. Good thing too, since I am surrounded by it! Besides my clients’ quilts, and my quilts, and my stash, I also wear the smell of cotton!  I adore Cotton Blossom scents from Bath and Body Works. Their Pleasures collection includes liquid soap, hand cream, and bath gel.  Yummy! The Yankee Candle Company Clean Cotton candle is white and looks good anywhere. It smells like freshly laundered fabric hung on the line to dry- just heavenly.  The smell is so crisp and clean and strong, you don’t even need to light it!

If money was no object, I would book two plane tickets to Houston and Paducah and a week’s stay in hotels there during next year’s shows. That would be a dream come true.

Since that’s never been possible and I need to stay closer to home, I go away on short quilt retreats. These are so restorative, so much fun, and a a great way to get some sewing done in a short time. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? A weekend with your UFOs and a group of other quilters, just to relax and work on your projects?  PRICELESS!
And last but not least…
How about a gift certificate to North Star Quality Quilting?  This is a great gift for now and for the future! Please send me an email if you are interested.



About Author: Donna Laing
Donna Laing is a quiltmaker who is passionate about her craft. She enjoys both traditional and contemporary quilting, and has an abiding interest in antique quilts. She has been quilting for over 40 years, and has made hundreds of quilts. She is the owner of North Star Quality Quilting, a professional longarm quilting service operated from her home in Bucks County.